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Our Mission

Our Mission as Hook is to create a platform where the users can interact with the real world problem that is trashed waterways. Approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic is in the ocean with many more debris that isn’t biodegradable. Together we grab our hook and attach bait, help us throw a line to the sea animals in need and together we can modernize the way we clean and protect our beloved oceans.

King of the Seas

We Believe that the seas should be a place for everyone to enjoy and relax to. So we want to help out to make the seas more clean for the whole planet. *With every Subscription bought, Hook will be donating 10% of the Proceeds to creating the "King of the Seas" prototype that will go around the ocean cleaning it of debris.

*Transactions from the app will be used to create and modify the current interceptors made by the Ocean Cleanup Project foundation.

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